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We know time is critical when it comes to emergencies. Do not hesitate to Call or Texts us at (702)-646-6061 no matter the time.

What We Do


When you need help with a tree emergency, a professional emergency tree service will dispatch a team of skilled arborists equipped with specialized tools and equipment to handle any situation.

Emergency tree removal services are available to help you quickly and safely remove trees that pose an immediate danger to people or property.

Emergency tree trimming can prevent potential hazards caused by fallen or damaged trees.


When you have a tree-related emergency, we're here to help with our prompt and reliable emergency tree service.

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The Dangers Of Wind Storms

Las Vegas is known for its intense wind storms, and these storms can pose a significant threat to the trees in the area. With strong winds, branches can break or trees can even be uprooted, causing potential property damage and harm to people. The intense climate of Las Vegas can make trees more vulnerable to these types of storms, as they may be weaker and more brittle. Therefore, it's crucial for residents to take steps to protect their trees.

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